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Information That Can Help Define Treatment Options and Make Treatment Decisions for Breast (early-stage and DCIS), Colon and Prostate Cancer Patients

Our mission at IVDiagnostics is to provide oncologists and pathologists with better diagnostics tools for measuring and monitoring circulating tumor cells. By doing so, physicians will be able to determine effectiveness of therapy and thus save lives.

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World class cancer assay diagnostic test. More Info

An immunomagnetic hypothermia treatment to eradicate blood-born cancer cells. More Info
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IVDiagnostics discovers innovative and unique methods that monitor and detect critical cancer cells known as circulating tumor cells (ctc).

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A strategic leadership team with international experience in healthcare, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

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Renowned clinicians and physicians with experience in radiology, pathology, hematology, and oncology.

Developing The Future Of Non-Invasive Diagnosis

What The Experts Are Saying

“We appreciate that there are many different therapies for cancer, and successful treatments will depend on a better understanding of circulating tumor cells that can cause metastases. We believe that IVDiagnostics has the platform technology to rapidly detect and monitor these cells to inform therapeutic approaches.” Mary J.C. Hendrix

President & Chief Scientific Officer , Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute

“I believe that there is a great need for earlier detection and monitoring of patient’s circulating tumor cells. The cancer assays from IVDiagnostics have that potential.”

Sam Terese

President & CEO, PCL Alverno

“At Roger Williams we do a significant number of procedures to remove solid tumors. It would be most useful if we had a cancer assay that could monitor reduction or recurrence of circulating tumor cell; given the limitations of what can be observed with present day CT scans and imaging.” P. Somasundar MD, MPH, FACS

Associate Chief, Surgical Oncology, Roger Williams Medical Center

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