Mr. Szczepanski has served in senior executive and management roles for 9 successful start-up companies over the last 20 years. He has extensive systems integration expertise; hands-on manufacturing engineering skills; and 15 years of experience in international sales, marketing and management. Mr. Szczepanski is a co-founder and served as Chief Operating Officer of Center 4 Innovations, LLC, which provided business advisory and market acceleration services for a broad range of companies, including Webdax International, Frontline Systems, Raining Data, Elysium Technology, RP Cube, eSafeKids and Quantum AI. he has also served as Chief Executive Officer of TSC Ventures, Vice President for Worldwide Sales at Ellipsus Systems, and Regional Vice President at BEA Systems.

While serving as the AT&T national account manager at Stratus Computer (Marlboro, MA) he managed a complex systems integration project that generated $500 million in new revenue. At BEA Systems, Mr. Szczepanksi was responsible for 25% of company revenue in its first 2 years. He is a member of the Technology Committee for the Gerson Lehrman Global Council of Advisors. He is also a member of several international organizations, including On Startups-The Community for Entrepreneurs; TEN (Top Executive Net); Worldwide Management Consultants; Nanobiotechies; Leadership Think Tank; Masters of Business Leadership; Professionals in Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotech Industry; Medical Devices Group; Global MIT Enterprise Forumk; and Venture Club of Indiana. Mr. Szczepanksi received his M.S. in Finance and B.S. in Industrial Management, both from Purdue University.